Chicago Software Process Improvement Network

 (C-SPIN) Meeting

AT&T Center Campus  

AT&T Institute 2501 W. Eagle Way

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


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          Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6:00 - 7:00 PM – Atrium:  Registration & Networking (Bring your own refreshments!)

6:20 - 6:40 PM – Birds-of-a-Feather: Discussion on a topic related to program.     

7:00 - 8:30 PM – Auditorium: Presentation

8:30 - 9:00 PM – Auditorium: additional Q&A and discussion


Program: “Top-Gun”

Embedded Systems Managers Best Practices

Presenter:  Alex Silbey, Vice President of Client Engagement, Numetrics



What is a “Top Gun” Development Program?  A program that has better productivity, fewer residual defects, shorter design cycle times, delivers on-time.  This presentation will define what a “Top-Gun” Engineering Manager is. What are the common root causes that prevent "Top-Gun" performance? And how do we address these root causes?


About the Presenter

Alex Silbey has over 25 years of experience in electronic product development (software, hardware, systems), development processes, business development and sales. At Numetrics, Alex is responsible for overseeing client engagements, deployment strategy, methodology and consulting services at leading-edge systems companies.

Prior to joining Numetrics, Alex served in key roles at Silicon Graphics/SGI, including engineering team leadership and methodology development. At SGI, he enabled the industry’s highest complexity ICs, including the very first multi-million-gate designs, through pioneering development and verification tools.  Prior to SGI, Alex designed large portions of the scalar and vector processors for Supercomputer Systems (which at the time was the fastest computer in the world) and later served as senior manager of the development tools group. He also worked Gould Electronics, where he codesigned the instruction unit of the world’s fastest minicomputer.

Alex has been awarded 14 patents in the areas of computers and networking. He’s spoken at numerous industry conferences and has co-authored two textbooks and several research articles.  Alex is a graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana with an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and two BS degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. 


Driving and Parking Directions    

                From I-90 Northwest Tollway, exit North on Barrington Road. Take Barrington Road to Lakewood Blvd (2nd light) and turn East (right) onto Lakewood Blvd.  Turn right into the AT&T Campus Center’s West Employee Entrance (the first entrance past Eagle Way) and follow the signs to the West Parking Structures. Parking is available in covered lots W2 or W3. Look for parking spaces towards the west end of the parking structures. The Institute Building is located across the road (west of the parking structures.) Visit for a map of the AT&T Campus Center.


About C-SPIN

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